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August 18, 2013
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"(y/n)-Chan!" You glance up from your sketching. Your (e/c) eyes scan the classroom, searching for the source of the voice. Finally, your eyes land on the hyper blonde upperclassmanthat had been following you around for a couple days now. It was a little weird but the kid seemed innocent enough so you let it slip by.

"How may I help you, Hazuki-Sempai?" You asked as you gently sketch a few more details onto your drawing. Despite your eyes being focused on the sketch in front of you, your ears were fully aware of any movements Hazuki made. At the moment, he was walking over to you, a grin on his face no doubt.

"You don't have to call me Hazuki, (y/n)! Call me Nagisa-Kun!" Hazuki's hands plopped down n your desk, his face leaning closer to yours. You leaned back, a light blush covering your cheeks. "Oh, you can draw really good, (y/n)-Chan!" Hazuki looked pointingly at your drawing, gaping. You blushed even more, snatching your sketch away from his prying eyes.

"T-thank you, Hazuki-"

"It's Nagisa-Kun!" Nagisa insisted, a grin covering his face. You stared at him for awhile, contemplating if you should address him so friendly.

"Thank you, Hazuki-Kun." Nagisa pouted, shaking his head, his blonde hair flopping everywhere.

"Close enough. Anyways, I was wondering-" Oh god, here comes the fated question. "-if you would make posters for the swim team? We need more members, since we only have four right now. Think you can do it, (y/n)-Chan?" His question threw you off. He wanted you to make posters? You frowned, tapping your pencil on the desk as you thought. You were certain that he was going to ask you to join the swim team again since they needed a girl that would actual swim.

"I, uh, I can do that . . . how many do you need?" You asked, setting your sketch pad back on your desk. Hazuki cheered. Instead of answering your question, he grabbed you by your wrist, pulling you towards the classroom door. You squeaked quietly in surprise, holding your sketch pad close to your chest.

"We have to go meet up with the others to discuss poster ideas! We could go to Haru's and get pizza!" Hazuki called over his shoulder at you while humming happily. He continued to chatter about discussion plans but you didn't pay any attention. Instead, you looked out the windows at the front of the school. Surprisingly you could see the four others that Hazuki was pulling you towards. Your eyes instantly go to your long-time crush – Makoto Tachibana.

It was sort of a crush-at-first-site type of thing. You had seen him at the entrance ceremony. He had stood alone, frowning as he looked around for someone. The site of him made your breath hitch and your heart rate to quicken. You were not in love with him (or so you believe), but you were crushing really hard on him. You have talked to him a total of ten times since that day, all because of Gou (or Kou as she likes to be called).

"Ah, (y/n)-Chan!" Kou called once you and Hazuki had reached the four. The next second Kou had you tackled in a hug. You stumbled backwards some before regaining your balancing and squeezing Kou back with your free arm.

"Kou-Chan~!" You sung simply before pulling away from her tight embrace. Nanase-Sempai nodded in your direction, acknowledging your presence. Ryugazaki greeted you formally like usual, even doing a slight bow.

"Hello, (y/n)-Chan!" Makoto greeted you warmly. Your face warmed in response to his words, hiding your red cheeks from his view. Kou looked between the two of you, giving you a knowing look. You just shook your head, placing your sketch pad in your bag. Hazuki began explain to the others' what his plans were.

" . . .So what do you guys think?" Hazuki asked cheerfully, looking at his friends and teammates hopefully. Nanase just nodded.

"Draw the water beautifully." Nanase looked directly at me, a serious look present on his face. Nanase's dedication to swimming and his love for the water was really inspiring. It had encouraged you to continue with your drawings.

"Let's go to Haru's house to discuss the details!" Kou suggested as she linked arms with you. The boys all nodded.

"Mind if I walk by you, (y/n)?" Makoto asked, smiling down at you. You could feel the heat rising to your cheeks once more as you nodded. In front of you, Hazuki and Ryugazaki chatted to each other, Nanase a few steps ahead. Kou chattered about something to you but you were paying no attention. Your eyes were peeking up at Makoto behind you (h/c) bangs.

His deep brown eyes were captivating. The way they shone so warmly made your heart melt. When he was dressed in nothing but his swimsuit, you would turn beet red. Of course, no one saw your red face. You always hid in the bushes, watching Makoto swim in secret. He was beautiful when he swam, even more so than Nanase-Sempai.

"(y/Ln)-San, are you listening?" You snapped out of your thoughts of Makoto, blinking rapidly as your eyes met Ryugazki's violet ones. You had been dwindling in your thoughts longer than you had assumed. You were now standing in front of Nasane's house. Everyone was already inside besides Ryugazaki and you.

"Ah, gomen! I was thinking about some poster ideas." You lied quickly, adjusting your bag strap. It had been digging painfully into your shoulder for the last ten minutes without you knowing. You would bet anything that later you would have an aching shoulder.

"Hm, just be sure to pay attention to the conversation from now on." Ryugazaki said before heading into the small home. You stuttered a quick yes before hurrying after him into the house.

You couldn't decide if you had rotten luck or not. You were pretty sure you did. Why would you have the fate of sitting next to the boy who made you all flustered and bothered? Yet, here you are now, sitting right next to the boy who made your heart feel about ready to burst from your chest.

"So, poster idea," Hazuki placed a single sheet of paper on the table. Dead silence filled the area around the table. You glanced nervously around at everyone. Even Makoto was deep in thought. After a few moments of silence passed, Hazuki cried out, burying his hands in his blonde locks. "Ah, this is so useless. I can't think of anything!" Hazuki pouted, laying his head down on the table in defeat.

Daringly, you reached for sketch pad. It went unnoticed by the others. Well, it almost did. Makoto smiled encouraging at you as you slowly removed the sketch pad from your bag. He mouthed a simple 'go' before turning away, going to distract the others while you worked.

    Okay, I got this

Once you had your pencil fished out, you began sketching a quick outline. Here and there you would add silly phrases relevant to the swim club. The main picture was to be some type of animal. You weren't sure what anime to choose but you were for sure it had to be a water animal. Suddenly, a perfect animal came to mind. A soft smile spread over your lips as you began sketching the animal.

"Wow!" Hazuki exclaimed as you held up your work. A whale was sketched in the middle, phrases covering every side. "That's really good, (y/n)-Chan!" Kou awed at the drawing as well, nodding quickly in agreement with Hazuki. Ryugazaki nodded in approval. Nasane just stared at it, his eyes wondering carefully over they sketch. Makoto awed at the drawing, exclaim many words of praise. It made the heat rise to your cheeks once more.

"I know what we can do," everyone turned their eyes to Nasane. "The posters can have many different animals, animals that represent us."

"That's a great idea!" Kou chirped before turning to you. "Can you do that, (y/n)-Chan?" You nodded.

"Just tell me what you want me to draw." You stated simply, flipping to a clean page. Hazuki claimed he wanted his to be a penguin. Ryugazaki insisted his to be a butterfly, despite it not being a water animal. Nanase simply said he would like his to be a dolphin. Makoto was stumped on his for a while before saying his would be a whale.

"Seeing as (y/n)-Chan can draw them so well, I thought why not?" Makoto smiled gently down at you, causing you to blush even more.

A few awkward touches and pizzas later, it was time to leave. You left first, claiming you had to get back home before your poor mother had a panic stork. Once out of the noisy house, you felt at peace. You weren't looking forward to any sleep tonight, you had work to do.

"The posters turned out fantastic, (y/n)!" You just nodded, leaning your head back against the cool building. Kou had somehow convinced you to come watch practice, despite how tired you claimed to be. You cursed Kou for dragging you here.

"You are really good at art, you know. I wish I was as good as you, but I guess we can only have one talent we are extremely good at." The familiar voice laughed. You were too tired to tell who the source of the voice was. This is what you get for staying up all night.

You had managed to make over two hundred posters before your mother and father started shuffling around the house to prepare for work and eat breakfast. The all nighter had been both successful and a fail. You had managed to please Makoto but twenty coffees later and you were still dozing off.

"Ah, so you are tired." The voice said. You groaned lightly as something warm covered your body. Something warm and hard slid down next to you. You instantly leaned against the thing, sleep taking it's grip on you.

Unknown to you was that the thing was none other than Makoto, the boy of your affections. He smiled warmly down at you as you snuggled closer to him. He leaned down, burying his nose in your (h/c) hair. It smiled of honey and strawberries. It made him sigh contently.

"You are so cute, (y/n)."
This one isn't as good as I would like it but oh well.
I love this~!
Makoto.. *blush* He said I'm cute..

((By the way cute story))
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